Fast-Track Fundraising Bootcamp

We are a program that focuses on getting you funded.

The Fast-Track Fundraising Bootcamp is a 10-week intensive online program that allows you to cut the guesswork out of the fundraising game. Along with a curated group of female entrepreneurs, you’ll gain the strategy, skills, support you need to achieve your business goals and secure investment. *See below for program fees.

Next bootcamp starts January 21st: Applications are still accepted as long as spots are still open. We accept founders on a rolling basis, and have limited spots.

Our Program Structure Ensures Success

  • Online Training Sessions - Actionable guides throughout the fundraising journey

  • Weekly Masterminds - Work through challenges with women in your cohort 

  • Comprehensive Feedback - Thorough review on all your investor materials

  • Private Q&A with Top Investors - Learn what investors are really looking for

  • Personal Coaching - One-on-one coaching with Lisa Wang for expert guidance 

  • Unlimited Support - Email support on any challenge or question 

  • Location Flexibility - All accessible through video conferencing

Less Talk, More Action

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Expect Results

  • Mastery of the rules of the fundraising game

  • Strong and confident fundraising mindset

  • Powerful Investor pitch and presentation

  • Efficient fundraising strategy and timeline

  • Compelling financial forecast and business plan

  • Identification of aligned target investors

  • Invaluable lifelong support group of ambitious women

Qualification Criteria

The SheWorx High Growth Accelerator is an in-depth acceleration program for female founders who have launched companies and are serious about fundraising to take their startups to the next level. Companies must have demonstrated traction and revenue.

We accept women who are:

  1. Building a high-growth company with strong traction in the market

  2. Beyond idea stage, post launch with growing revenue from paying customers

  3. Ready and committed to raising funding from investors

  4. Passionate, driven, dedicated to growing your business and ready for transformational change

  5. Unequivocally supportive of other women

    Program Fees at a Fraction of the Cost

    The average time to close a $1M for founders is 6-12 months. We help you cut that time in half so you can get back to building your company. Typical brokerages and assistance of this kind usually costs at least $50K. The Fast-Track Fundraising Bootcamp provides the curated support specifically geared towards women entrepreneurs, at a fraction of the cost.

    Time is the most valuable asset for any serious entrepreneur. Our program fees allow us to maintain quality programming and are reflective of the value gained and time saved. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." We invest time in founders who invest in themselves.

    We can discuss individual needs with founders who qualify during your 30 Minute Call

Ready to take your company to the next level?

  1. Fill out a Bootcamp Application

  2. Selected Founders will have a 30 Minute Interview

“After the first 60 minutes talking to Lisa, I had more clarity on my fundraise and target investors than I did trying to do it myself in the last 9 months. Only regret is I didn’t book this sooner. ”
— Julia B.

Why do we need a 30 Min Investor Strategy session?

The most important purpose of the initial 30 minute call is to fully understand your goals, assess fit, and provide the strategic framework and initial action plan for your fundraising journey.

Thanks to the program, I was able to hire my team and grow our coverage across London to reach over 70k parents.
— Sara T., CEO, Happity