5 Personality Traits of an Innovative Leader & How to Acquire Them

What is Innovation? We keep hearing about it everywhere starting from schools to pretty much across all industries. Apart from being the buzz word, Innovation reflects the changes we can make within ourselves to grow ourselves and our businesses to be more effective and will provide the opportunity to venture into new horizon. Creative, curious and analytical minds attract innovation! Personality traits portray who you are as a person, a leader and what you can offer to the world.

As I took on the journey towards innovation, there have been so many experiences and lessons which definitely didn’t paint a rosy picture about the process initially. In spite of hearing multiple rejections and failures, if grit and perseverance keep you going and won’t let you give up that easily I bet you have the #1 trait for innovative leadership. With this backdrop, here I am sharing 5 personality traits (in no particular order) to promote and
encourage innovative leadership abilities in anyone.

Think ahead - Dream and display your vision:
​Your ability to (day) dream will get you to predict future opportunities. Dream to make a difference and to touch the lives of people like no one has ever done before. Your vision should always set you in the direction of 5 years ahead in future. When you understand the reason of ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing, you are unstoppable. Your ‘why’ combined with the spark to change the world creates passion; Passion fuels action and innovation.

Customer Experience – Obsess with unprecedented service:
Training your mind to focus on the customer is the mantra to attract success. When you fill your heart with Compassion and brain with Creativity, exceptional solutions are easy to create. A leader, who can promote this service behavior, will stand out from the crowd. Women are naturally gifted to look out for others. You can notice how women in your family look after the needs of everyone without being told to do so. There is perhaps an education opportunity here to learn what service is all about. Displaying fearless loyalty to your vision and in turn to your customer is the essence of innovative leadership!​

Culture of Trust – Create an atmosphere to encourage upward communication:
Stephen Covey writes, “When the trust account is high, communication is instant, easy, and effective!” You can stimulate trust by encouraging upward communication conscientiously. When your team is empowered to make decisions without having to wait for approvals and solve challenges, you will be known as a relentless leader who promotes confidence. When a leader encourages the team to ‘own’ it, they create an incomparable culture of trust that nobody can ever beat. Being a reliable, lenient leader is not a weakness; rather it promotes reliance and openness to share.

Speed – Emphasize speed and create a sense of urgency to deliver:
In addition to having a great vision and an obsession to serve your customers, the minute you create a succinct road map and prioritize the needs, you can deliver exceptional value with speed. Your prioritization and conscientious effort in creating an action plan is the fuel that aids accelerated delivery.

Learn – Learning and Leadership are inseparable:
Always look forward to learning something new every single day. As you learn to adopt the Innovative mindset, it urges you to be open to changes. Expect significant variations in the way you traditionally operate. As you practice to become more aware yourself, your learnings, and your curiosities; results appear incessantly.

To sum it up, inquisitive, determined, trustworthy leaders with unparalleled compassion are the winners in all situations!


A great inspirational article, Rama! Thank you for sharing!


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