8 Easy Hacks to Speed up your Mac

As entrepreneurs seeking investment, it is key to ensure your technology is in top shape.

We are fast approaching the SheWorx100 Summit in NYC on April 12th, so now is the time to check you are leveraging its full capacity as your prepare for the big day.  Check out these easy hacks, get your mac working fast and free yourself up to focus on the business of fundraising, rather than worrying about technology issues.

Ensure There is Room to Move on Your Hard drive

For a hard drive to function quickly and effectively it needs 30-50GB of free space.  Go to the Apple Symbol> About This Mac> Storage. This tells you how many GB are available.  It’s less than 30GB, get rid of old decks, videos you no longer need and delete your trash.  To quickly find out what’s taking up the most space click the Manage button on the Storage tab.  This tells you what is taking up most room and where it is. Imagine trying to find a shirt is a closet that is so full you can’t see anything and cannot move anything around.  Mac’s are the same so avoid this common pitfall.

Operating Systems (O/S) Protect Your Mac

Whenever possible you should keep your O/S up to date.  This is where Apple make improvements and efficiencies and enhance security.  There are parameters attached to updating though.  Your model should be under 4 years old, have 8GB of Memory minimum and ideally 50GB of storage available.  Go to the Apple Symbol> About This Mac> Overview and this will tell you your Memory.  

Age Can Affect Performance

If your Mac is 4 years or older it is coming up time to replace.  Check this by going to the Apple Symbol> About This Mac> Overview and it will say something like this MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014).  The majority of the time our equipment is older than we think.  Ensure yours is within this window.  If not, now is the time to upgrade.  It does not need to be the newest model out there.  Currently, the 2016 models without the touch bar offer the best value and still have USB ports.

Backup (not sexy but essential)

The rule of thumb is store information in 3 places. On your device, an external hard drive, and the cloud. Backup to an external hard drive using Time Machine.  Synchronize to iCloud so all of your data is the same on every device.  Please note that when you sync it acts like a mirror and an action carried out on one device will be reflected on all devices.  This is great for documents but not so much if you have 50k of photo’s and don’t want them all on your phone.

Reserve Your Desktop For Startup and Fundraising Docs

The only image you should see on your desktop is one linked to your brand and the business you are fundraising for.  Documents should not be stored here as every item on your desktop slows the computer down.  File everything in Documents.  If you don’t have a system in place, now is the time to create one. Keep it high level and simple.  You can do detailed filing after the Summit.

Clean Out Your Draft Docs and Take Out the Trash

It sounds simple but we often hold onto many drafts and versions of documents. When you have a final, name it as final and ditch the old ones. In addition to your excess files, it turns out Macs can store junk just like people do.  To quickly declutter and speed up your Mac download and run a cleaner.  This one is simple, effective and free.

https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download Remember, once you put your garbage in the trash, you still need to empty it! It’s always a good idea to restart your Mac afterward too.

Stop the Emails, Stop the Distractions

Cull your junk email with unroll.me.  Enter your email address and it scans your mailbox.  It will ask you if you want to keep your subscriptions, create a summary or unsubscribe.

And Finally

Computers should be shut down for the night.  They need a break too to essentially ‘park’ what you’ve been working on and this also maximizes their life expectancy.  No need to remember though, just automate it with System Preferences> Energy Saver> Schedule.

Whilst we’re talking about the night shift, something entrepreneurs are all too familiar with, let’s reduce the blue light emitted from devices as this interferes with our circadian rhythm and keeps us awake. And we don’t need anything else interfering with our precious sleep! On your phone go to Settings> Brightness and select ‘Nightshift’. Your screen color is automatically adjusted from cool to warm.  You can also do the same on your Mac if you download Flux https://justgetflux.com

Get in touch with Tech Tonic if you have any questions!  Initial consultations are always complimentary.  https://www.techtoniclife.com/contact-tech-tonic/

Check out our blog too for more tips and tricks!  https://www.techtoniclife.com/tech-tonic-lifestyle-blog/    


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