SHEWORX AAA SPOTLIGHT: Farah Kabir & Sarah Welsh, Co-Founders, Hanx

Founders in SheWorx are women who embody three core values. We call these the AAA Values: Ambition — We set big goals and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Action — We work around constraints and always find a way to get things done. Altruism — We give back to our communities and encourage the success of other women.

Meet Farrah and Sarah, two of the many incredible founders attending the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit.

1. What does your company do?

HANX is the first luxury male condom designed uniquely with women in mind. Our condoms are premium in every aspect, made of 100% natural vegan-friendly and fair traded latex, which are clean scented and ultra-thin, and packaged in beautiful discreet boxes.

2. What impact are you making? What does this impact look like in 10 years?

We are disrupting the industry as we know it, making it acceptable for women to carry and use male condoms, and creating a movement. In ten years, the HANX movement will mean women are proud and confident to take control of their sexual health.

3. How do you embody the SheWorx AAA Values of Ambition, Action, Altruism in your work and life? 

HANX is ambitious, we are changing behaviours and challenging current taboos surrounding condoms and sexual health. Our action is great, by producing a product that not only empowers women; we educate through our blogs and partner with brands that represent our values. Our altruism shines through our mission to protect sexual health and ensure female empowerment.

4. Why are you excited about the SheWorx100 London Summit? What is the best part about being in the SheWorx community?

I am excited about the SheWorx London Summit to meet and network with more female entrepreneurs and investors, to allow further meaningful collaborations with HANX and to support other ambitious and innovative businesses. SheWorx is a fantastic community that really allows women to support each other. The network of women is amazing and I am humbled to be part of it.

Are you building an incredible company? Join us at the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit in London.


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