SheWorx AAA Spotlight: Neha Murarka, Co-Founder & CEO,

Founders in SheWorx are women who embody three core values. We call these the AAA Values: Ambition — We set big goals and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Action — We work around constraints and always find a way to get things done. Altruism — We give back to our communities and encourage the success of other women.

Meet Neha, one of the many incredible founders attending the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit.

1. What does your company do?

Smoogs brings seamless, pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) payments into today’s digital media world where current payment options are limiting consumers from buying content online. It recognises your account automatically and initiates tiny micropayments in the background while you enjoy the content--pay every second while watching a video, pay every minute while listening to a song or pay for every page while reading a book.

2. What impact are you making? What does this impact look like in 10 years?

My life is littered with examples of why Smoogs exists. Textbooks in college were expensive and sparsely used. London cinema tickets are pricey and if the movie is bad, it hurts. On starting Smoogs, I want to read and fill gaps in my expertise but I can’t spend my limited funds, unless I know how useful it is. Similarly, video courses/tutorials are behind subscription plans. All of these problems are exacerbated in emerging markets. We want to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to be entertained and educated without thinking ten times before doing it. 

On the other side, we have also had a passionate response from creators; a way to get paid that truly owes them what they deserve and not a bargain on their distribution rights. Our time with them has allowed us to truly appreciate the work that goes behind producing and then distributing a piece of content.

I hope in 10 years, distribution platforms have a pay-as-you-watch payment model as a standard option bringing more people access to entertainment and education. I also believe that this can greatly impact other metered services like electricity, solar energy, IoT etc. and in 10 years, digital media will not be the only one with such a payment style.

3. How do you embody the SheWorx AAA Values of Ambition, Action, Altruism in your work and life? 

What drives me everyday is to keep learning; a constant upward gradient of improving my knowledge in whatever space it might be--whether it is building my people skills, public speaking, learning a new programming language or a new project on the raspberry pi. I try to bring the same culture in my startup as well; brainstorming sessions, sharing interesting articles, constantly asking for my team's suggestions and providing an easy way for everyone to communicate new ideas.

In my free time, I co-host a meetup in London that encourages women to be more involved in the blockchain space (London Women in Bitcoin) and tech in general. I try to contribute in organisations like SheWorx focused on women entrepreneurs and also women in tech. 

4. Why are you excited about the SheWorx100 London Summit? What is the best part about being in the SheWorx community?

I'm really excited about meeting more women entrepreneurs like myself and also women investors, both of which are rare to come by. And rarer still are ones involved in the tech world. I am hoping to make some great connections and help grow this community even more.

I believe what the SheWorx community is doing for women is encouraging and providing the strength and support for so many women across the globe is quite an immense feat. I always get great advice when I need it and I hope to do the same in return.

Are you building an incredible company? Join us at the upcoming SheWorx100 Summit in London.


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