SheWorx100 Spotlight 1: San Francisco

As SheWorx ramps up for its annual summit series, SheWorx100, there are many reasons to celebrate its diverse and influential membership. Artificial Intelligence. Information Technology. Big Data. Software design. Women in tech do it all. So why compete? 600 female founders. 90 top investors. 3 cities. SheWorx100 is a space for women to come together and build relationships in a collaborative environment. We showcase innovation and connect inspiring women to the funding they deserve. Not convinced? Check out some of the rising talent you can expect to bump into at this year’s San Francisco summit.

Jill Angelo, Founder & CEO, Genneve

Hot flashes. Night sweats. Hormonal changes. Weight gain. Menopause is no picnic. But, according to Jill Angelo, founder & CEO of Genneve, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth talking about. Sharing. Connecting. Empowering. Genneve is a digital healthcare platform designed to provide the 50M+ women heading into or going through menopause with access to education, community and curated products/services from the comfort of their home.Women should feel empowered and in control of their health. It’s time to break down the taboo. Jill uses the SheWorx community to engage, contribute and be part of a pioneering effort that will benefit women for years to come. “We’re at the cusp of real change in women investing in women, and SheWorx is at the head of that movement. I want in!”

Katica Roy, Founder & CEO, Pipeline Equity

What do artificial intelligence and gender equity have in common? Pipeline Equity. Using an SaaS platform, Pipeline utilizes state of the art technology to enable businesses to realize the economic gains from bridging the gender equity gap. Katica Roy, founder & CEO, aims to close the gender gap by examining practices on a macro (company) to micro (individual) scale, quantifying each step along the way. In 10 years, we will have cut the gender gap in half, from 170 years to 85 years. With its focus on action and execution, SheWorx appeals to Katika because it’s an organization that delivers on its brand promise. She is thrilled to be attending SheWorx100, to meet fellow entrepreneurs and investors,“who are looking to invest in smart, savvy businesswomen.”  

Amanda Greenberg, Founder & CEO,

How do you get the best and most information and insights out of a group in the most efficient way possible? Amanda Greenberg has been working hard to answer that question through her cloud-based platform, We want to remove bias from collaboration and decision-making, so that companies gain access to otherwise unreachable insights. Launching and vetting ideas. Eliminating Group Dynamics. Overcoming logistical challenges. Mitigating bias. In 10 years, Amanda hopes that will usher in a new wave of productivity that will dramatically impact the workplace, from hiring to strategic planning to product development. Inclusive innovation moving companies toward a true level playing field. Amanda values the SheWorx community because it provides an approach focused on relationship, action, transparency, collaboration, and accessibility. Why is she attending SheWorx100? Finding a strong intro or the right connection is the greatest challenge. “I have heard great things from previous attendees.”

Chia Lin Simmons, Founder & CEO, LookyLoo

Shopping Cart. One item. Proceed to Checkout. Eek! You’re finally buying that little black dress you’ve been ogling. But how do you know that it will fit? Chia Lin Simmons, Founder & CEO of LookyLoo, is here to help. Combining a fashion social network with big data and machine learning (image-recognition algorithm), LookyLoo is designed to help identify clothing fit, increase discovery, maximize sales conversion and drive down return rates for apparel retailers. Personalized. Shape-driven. Real-women focused. Consumers deserve to feel confident in their retail purchases.  Next up? Keep an eye out for the LookyLoo shape logo online and in-store. Chin is excited to join “a network of like-minded female entrepreneurs and investors who want to build and launch successful technology companies that truly represent what we would like to see as consumers in the future” at SheWorx100.

SheWorx is proud to be changing the landscape of female entrepreneurship, one step at a time. Celebrating and empowering women is our mission. Luckily, we have no shortage of inspiration. SheWorx100, our annual summit, is a great place to rub elbows with these inspirational tech leaders, and the high powered funders that help make the magic happen. Still on the fence? Success is no accident. Take the plunge.


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