SheWorx100 Spotlight 2: San Francisco

As SheWorx ramps up for its annual summit series, SheWorx100, there are many reasons to celebrate its diverse and influential membership. Inventory planning software. Film production. SaaS. Women in tech do it all. So why compete? 600 female founders. 90 top investors. 3 cities. SheWorx100 is a space for women to come together and build relationships in a collaborative environment. We showcase innovation and connect inspiring women to the funding they deserve. Not convinced? Check out some of the rising talent you can expect to bump into at this year’s San Francisco summit on May 10th. 

Anna Tolmach, Founder & CEO, Fuse Inventory

Do you use Excel to track your inventory? According to Anna Tolmach, you could be losing up to 20% of your revenue. Each year, $1 trillion dollars is lost in the United States due to poor inventory planning. Tolmach, founder and CEO of Fuse, aims to make a dent in that figure with her next generation demand and inventory planning software for retailers. Fuse replaces manual Excel work by centralizing real-time sales, demand forecast, stock and procurement data in one easy-to-use interface so that you can focus on your business, not your inventory. Tolmach, a dedicated member of the SheWorx community, is excited to “join a group of innovative, sharp, fearless women who have set out to change the world by pursuing their passion” at SheWorx100.

Jenna Zimmerman, Founder and CEO, The Reiko Lab/The Pickle

Are you on a food journey to change the world? Jenna Zimmerman, founder and CEO of the Reiko Lab, wants to hear from you. An Emmy- and James Beard Award-nominated writer, producer, and director, Zimmerman is using her video production company to champion the unsung heroes of the food world. And she’s not stopping there. With all of the misinformation that plagues the food industry, Zimmerman also produces a monthly newsletter, the Pickle, to make it easier for the busy, mindful consumer to access must-know food information. Why? She wants to empower consumers to move the needle on dysfunctional food systems by voting with their dollars in a way that aligns with their values. At SheWorx100 in San Francisco, Zimmerman is “excited to meet and mingle with like-minded, forward-thinking men and women, to combine forces and leave future generations with a stronger, healthier, more productive earth.”

Ganna Boiko, Founder and CEO, RoundTeam

What’s the latest #hashtag? How do you keep up to speed with relevant content? What’s the best way to maximize quality and quantity to grow your online presence? Ask Ganna Boiko, founder and CEO of RoundTeam, a time-saving solution to help you stay afloat in an ever-changing sea of information. We can all agree, social media is the be all and end all of business. You have to have it. And you have to be good at it. But maybe you’re not. Or maybe you just don’t have the time. No matter. RoundTeam is ready to step up to the plate, giving you more time and more energy to focus on what really matters. Your business. Boiko is attending SheWorx100 because she wants to be a part of an event that amplifies women’s voices.”This is exciting. I strongly believe that it is more fun to walk down the entrepreneurship path feeling the support of the community of like-minded people.”

Ashley Wellington-Fahey, Founder and CEO, The Relish

Whether it’s being "mansplained" to by male fans, overtly gender stereotyped by the sports industry or ignored entirely, female fans have been misrepresented and undervalued on this very un-level playing field for far too long. Ashley Wellington-Fahey, founder of Relish, a sports media brand for female fans, wants to restore the equilibrium, and get women back in the game. And she's doing just that through her online sharing platform, The Relish, which creates original, made-for-social content and video that spans sports, pop culture and lifestyle. Not to mention a newsletter that gives fans the rundown on what’s trending in the sports world. Why is she attending SheWorx100? "Being a part of SheWorx makes me feel less alone in my experience as a female entrepreneur. I’m excited to meet and connect with other like-minded women at this event."

Maggie Shih, Founder,

Want to book a ride to 5th and Madison? Well. Too bad. There’s a glitch in your rideshare app. But how do you communicate the problem? Mobile developers very rarely have the visibility to the issues that prevent their users from using their apps seamlessly, and they often don’t know there are problems nor can they reproduce them when they are reported. Enter, an SaaS performance and monitoring service provider for mobile engineers. Founder and CEO, Maggie Shih, is building a bridge between users and app developers, to ensure more reliable and optimal experiences, all around. Shih is looking forward to SheWorx100 on May 10th in San Francisco. "I love going to high quality events with high quality folks to brainstorm together and learn from each other."

SheWorx is proud to be changing the landscape of female entrepreneurship, one step at a time. Celebrating and empowering women is our mission. Luckily, we have no shortage of inspiration. SheWorx100, our annual summit, is a great place to rub elbows with these inspirational tech leaders, and the high powered funders that help make the magic happen. Still on the fence? Success is no accident. Take the plunge.


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