Driving Gender Parity To Build Better Businesses

Women own 39% of all Companies, but only produce 4.2% of all Revenue. Women should be bigger building bigger companies! Yet in 2017, only 2.2% of venture funding went to companies with a female CEO, and only 17% to companies with at least one female founder. This is not a female problem, this is an economic one. Parity would add an additional $12 Trillion to global GDP growth. SheWorx is committed to closing the gap by providing the skills, network, education, and access to capital so women can build and scale successful companies. 

Fundraising Know-How

Fundraising is an art, not a science. We help female founders streamline their fundraising efforts. From targeting the right investors, clarifying your vision, refining your pitch, understanding the terms, and creating a tight timeline, we want to help you reach your next fundraising goal so you can get back to building your business.

Personal Branding, Professional Messaging

How important is it to build your personal brand? In today's digital age, it's imperative. We help founders, executives, and investors hone personal brand image and value proposition, streamline messaging and CTA, focus on optimal promotional channels, and overcome fears or doubts around "self-promotion." Learn to allow your personal brand to amplify your professional value. 

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The first thing people do before or after they meet you? They google you. We help female founders and investors hone their stories into press-worthy pitches. We strategize with you to find the best outlets for coverage. Looking to speak on more stages? We teach you how to find speakign engagements, prepare for the stage, and speak professionally to the camera.

Corporate Innovation & Diversity Workshops

How do you build a more innovative culture? How do you attract the best talent? How do you ensure that you're creating an environment that fosters diverse ideas?  We help companies tackle innovation from the lens of gender and diversity. We provide trainings on building empathy for leaders, gender bias, and female empowerment. Ask us about our intrapraneurship incubation programs. 

Press Exposure & Media Training