We believe knowledge is power. Harnessed correctly, power can create incredible change in the status quo. That’s what we are here to do: To disrupt convention, to give you access to the best knowledge, to help you build incredible companies, to accelerate your success.

The hard truth is, only 3% of women owned business have reached the million dollar mark, only 5% of VC backed companies have a female CEO, only 18% of companies that are female founded receive institutional funding. Yet even with these hurdles, never before have women had such power, such responsibility to take action. It’s up to us to determine what the future looks like. Now is the time for women to lead, and we are here to redefine leadership as we know it.

We’re tapping into the minds of the top men and women in their field, the voices of the movers and shakers who are making things happen, and we’re democratizing access to their knowledge so you can make the impact you want to make. To deliver on this mission, we commit to 5 promises:

  1. We’re actionable. Every article will give you actionable, tangible strategies that you can apply to your entrepreneurial journey today.
  2. We say it like it is. We are real with you about the struggles, the pain, the highs and lows of building your company. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Getting through it means being authentic about the hard things. You won’t find any fluff here.
  3. We don’t preach. Sometimes there are right ways and wrong ways to do things, sometimes there are just hard decisions without a clear North Star. We’re simply here to guide you with stories and ideas from people who have done it.
  4. We push ourselves to be better. With every article, we ask the question, “How does this make someone a better entrepreneur?” If we don’t genuinely believe an article will help you, we don’t publish it.
  5. We are not boring. We lean into what’s uncomfortable. We may not always be nice and pretty, but we will engage, inspire, motivate, and grow with you.

We’re driving the movement for gender parity, and creating the world we want to see. You can count on us to give you real stories, actionable advice, and authentic voices. Now, let’s get going!