SheWorx is empowering stronger local ecosystems where more women are launching new ideas, obtaining funding, and growing sustainable companies. We support ambitious women throughout their entrepreneurial journey – whether they are at the beginning stages of creating their company or if they have already raised multiple rounds funding. We’re building a movement of ambitious female entrepreneurs and their supporters to accelerate the knowledge, network, and capabilities of changemakers who will define the next wave of leadership.

Each SheWorx chapter is led by volunteers selected to become SheWorx City Directors. As a SheWorx City Director, you’ll be responsible for growing the community and infusing the SheWorx AAA Values of Ambition, Action, and Altruism.

City Directors are the heart and soul of SheWorx. Does this sound like you?

  • I find joy in giving to others
  • I am bold and fearless
  • I am a leader who can motivate and inspire a team
  • I am articulate and thoughtful
  • I am an empathetic connector
  • I constantly strive to be the best version of myself
  • I lift up others around me
  • I am genuinely curious about other people
  • I believe in gender equality and will stand up for it when challenged
  • I champion myself, my friends, and my community