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Jessica Robinson, CEO of PurePoint International, is a cyber security consultant and writes at the intersection of entrepreneurship, women in tech and diversity in tech. You can reach her at jessica@purepoint-international.com. Jessica Robinson is CEO of PurePoint International helping people and companies to be safe. Jessica spent a number of years are Target Corporation prior to founding PurePoint International. As a security expert and outsourced CISO/CSO, Jessica provides high level strategy solutions, cyber technology solutions, and conducts risk assessments and employee training on cyber and physical security, information protection, and threat prevention. What makes PurePoint International unique is that they bridge the gap between physical and cyber security, and by including emotional and psychological safety components into their business have created a systems based approach to problem solving safety and security needs. As a result, PurePoint International is the #1 security company for women led and owned businesses and organizations globally and winner of the JCI Philippines-New York ICON of IMPACT Award for International Affairs and Women's Security. Jessica has spoken as the Social Venture Network Conference, Unites Nations, Microsoft, TriBeCa Film Festival Anti-Summit, ACEDS Conference, OWASP Brooklyn, and several other organizations, has been published in Security Director Magazine, and has been featured in the BBC. As a social enterprise, PurePoint International provides no-cost services to organizations with an operating budget of $1.5M or less for every five clients they support.

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