Casie Millhouse-Singh

About Me

From high-profile VCs to local founders and serial entrepreneurs with impact, Casie serves her community as an experienced connector. She developed her tireless work ethic as a startup founder of LeelaPass which dissolved with crucial insights and is committed to providing women with access to capital, to mentors, to quality knowledge by curating top-tier SheWorx events. Casie established her career(s) as a gymnastics coach, international DJ and speaker. Now based in Singapore she enjoys being a mother, wife, and contributor to parity in the Singapore startup ecosystem.

My blog posts

How to Create a System and Environment for the Team Organisation to Scale

Tech might be the easy part to scale your company. But getting the people part right is another story, which is why so many founders struggle to put those pieces together. 

R & D Incentives for Singapore Startups That Everyone Should Know

Dave Corbin, Catalyst Solutions Singapore, Managing Director works with businesses to identify which programs are relevant to them for the technology they are developing. Where is the best location to do it? What’s their chances of success? Then if they will be applying, they help them with that process.

How to Refine Your PR Strategy For Long Term Relationships

You wouldn’t say “yes” to a marriage proposal after just meeting someone. Would you?