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About Me

Lisa Wang is the Founder and CEO of SheWorx, the global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership. Recognized as the leading female entrepreneur event series, SheWorx has reached over 20,000 women, providing access to top investors, mentors, and actionable business strategies to build and scale successful companies. Lisa is a former Olympic-level gymnast, 4x US National Champion, and U.S. Hall of Fame Inductee. She was named CIO’s “Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017” and was featured on Forbes Leadership for the resilience and tenacity she brings from her athletic training to the SheWorx mission. She is a former Wall Street hedge fund analyst and a graduate of Yale University.

My blog posts

10 Life Lessons Towards Taking the Plunge

“I knew it was going to be high-risk – to move to a startup at this point in my career, but I knew it would be higher reward – not financially, but personally.”

The 14th Ever African American Female Raises $1M

Raising capital is an arduous journey that few entrepreneurs successfully complete. Add a female founder at the helm, and chances of success decrease significantly. Now add an African American female founder, and the chances become abysmal. African American women receive a mere 0.2% of overall venture capital dollars, and of the rare few who do receive money, the average dollar amount is $36,000, compared to the average $1.3 million doled out to the typical white male founded startup.  

This Woman Built A $3B Company By Disguising Herself As A Man

In the 1960s, women couldn’t open a bank account and the thought of women prioritizing work over domestic life seemed ludicrous. This was the world Dame Stephanie Shirley entered into when she started her multi-billion dollar UK software company, Freelance Programmers, later known as Xansa, 50 years ago.