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Lisa Wang is the Founder and CEO of SheWorx, the global collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership. Recognized as the leading female entrepreneur event series, SheWorx has reached over 20,000 women, providing access to top investors, mentors, and actionable business strategies to build and scale successful companies. Lisa is a former Olympic-level gymnast, 4x US National Champion, and U.S. Hall of Fame Inductee. She was named CIO’s “Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017” and was featured on Forbes Leadership for the resilience and tenacity she brings from her athletic training to the SheWorx mission. She is a former Wall Street hedge fund analyst and a graduate of Yale University.

My blog posts

10 Investors Committed To Funding Female Founders, Part 2

At this point, it has become almost common news to hear about the appalling transgressions happening behind the closed doors of the venture capital world, and the question on many people's mind is, "Who will we find out about next?" For many female entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are fundraising, it is difficult to block out the increasingly uncomfortable feelings of mistrust in the midst of heightened awareness. Reactions from the venture community have been scattered at best, ranging from subpar decency pledges to impromptu "sexual harassment workshops" and it remains to be seen whether the stats will actually shift over the next few years.

Female Led Accelerators - What’s the verdict?

Currently, more than 200 million women entrepreneurs across the globe are establishing or operating new businesses. But 67% of women say they need more support building confidence to feel like they can be leaders. So how do women gain confidence in areas like asking for sponsors, seeking mentorship, accessing senior leadership, pursuing job opportunities and requesting a raise or promotion?

10 Investors Committed To Funding Female Founders, Part 1

Half-hearted decency pledges, unkept promises to implement gender bias training, vague commitments to become more accessible, with so much noise and so little action, it’s hard to stay optimistic about the state of venture capital. As an industry, it’s clear that we need proactive investors who are not only willing to lead the charge, but also to recruit peers to change the ratio of female investors and investments in female entrepreneurs. Participation must include all levels of VCs, from early stage scouts and micro funds to larger late stage funds.