Accelerating Ambitious Female Leaders


Are you serious about:

  • Becoming a strong and confident leader?

  • Honing your voice and presentation skills?

  • Building a cohesive team and company culture?

  • Scaling a highly profitable company?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, we can help you reach your goals. SheWorx is the leading global platform empowering over 20K female leaders through world class executive leadership coaching, community events, pitch & presentation training, & fundraising support.


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Join our SheWorx roundtables, actionable discussions led by a leading investor or successful operator. We focus on giving you the tools to navigate early stage fundraising

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Tired of self-doubt and self-criticism? Ready to leave negative energy behind? Lisa Wang, SheWorx Founder and Executive Leadership Coach supports leaders to create the business and life they crave.

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Pitch & Presentation Training

Master a clear, confident pitch & presentation skills for investor meetings, keynote talks, media appearances with tools and techniques learned from top executives, CEOS, and athletes.

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SheWorx roundtables are collaborative spaces for female entrepreneurs to connect with a top
VC, angel investor, or executive. Build relationships and learn skills to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

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Become a confident, powerful leader

Get rid of self-doubt and self-criticism. Leave negative energy behind. Create the business, mindset, and life you deserve.

“You are always wearing your “sales person” hat - whether you’re talking to your investors, employees, customers, or your friends. It was so liberating to escape to a judgement-free environment where you could connect with yourself and share your vulnerabilities with other amazing successful women. This helps you shed the mask you wear every day, resulting in an honest self-analysis to create an actionable improvement plan. 
— Hanna Matevosyan

Sheworx has helped hundreds of women succeed through proven strategies and a committed network of investors.

“As a first time founder, woman, member of the LGBT community, we were up against all odds when it came to raising money. Through SheWorx, I met my lead investor and raised $1 million.”
— Rachel Renock, CEO, Wethos
“I became the 14th African American Founder to raise $1 million and met our lead investor through SheWorx. To date, we’ve raised $7 million and Sheworx is an integral part of our story.”
— Kristina Jones, Cofounder, Court Buddy
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Master clear, confident presentation skills

Be fearless in investor meetings, keynote talks, media appearances. Learn tools and techniques from top executives, CEOS, and athletes. Create a story and message that resonates.

She is a powerful, resonant, authentic speaker - To be concise, vulnerable and graceful all at the same time is a rare skill. Learn from Lisa, learn from the best.
— Adam R.

“In her continuing mission to elevate the lives of millions, Lisa Wang, founder of SheWorx, has made headlines by galvanizing female entrepreneurs and lending her voice to empowering diverse leaders.”