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Lisa Wang brings the tools & strategies from over a decade as an elite athlete, executive and entrepreneur to train leaders to own their power and unleash their potential

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“The strength that I was able to find within myself is something that all women or men would find value in. The ROI by participating in Lisa’s workshop further challenged me to focus on my brand, my dreams, and my career’s growth. My sincerest gratitude goes out to Lisa for allowing me and every other leader to leave with a whole heart and refreshing feeling of purpose.”
— Chelsea G., Product Strategist, Google
“I feel giddy after this course. By acknowledging my fears, and realizing everyone else is going through the same thing, I started to realize I have what it takes. I often think thoughts like: ‘I’m not enough of a leader, I’m not making enough revenue, I’m not exercising enough, etc.’ and it’s tough to get out of my head. I’m getting to the next stage as a leader, and this course showed me I have the ability to take the small actions towards big goals.”
— Michelle S., Director, Mobilize
“No matter how many years I’m an entrepreneur or working on building my brand, I realized there’s still more tweaks I can do. I came to terms with many of the fears that were holding me back, and learned steps to get past that. I appreciated Lisa’s own reflection on her life and experiences confronting her fears. I was feeling like I needed a push to get the next level, and this gave me just this gave me what I needed.”
— Vanessa S., Founder, Human Side of Tech; Columnist, Forbes

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The most important purpose of the initial 60 Minute Coaching call is for Lisa to fully understand your goals and provide the strategic framework for your leadership journey. This session will leave you with clear insight into your areas of strength and weakness as a leader. You’ll leave with an initial action plan and blueprint for achieving your 6 month goals. The cost of this initial session is $250.