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Live Fundraising Office Hours with Wendy Heilbut

Join SheWorx Founder Lisa Wang and Wendy Heilbut, an angel investor and founder of the New York Office of Jayaram Law, for an interactive live office hours session, brought to you by WomanMade, a PepsiCo initiative.

Topic: Understanding Essential Fundraising Negotiations & Legal Terms

You'll Learn:
- What are the different legal terms you should be aware of when fundraising from VCs vs. Angel Investors?
- How and when should you negotiate with investors?
- How do you build a relationship with potential angel investors and angel groups?


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About Wendy Heilbut

Wendy Heilbut is a lawyer and angel investor. She’s the founder of the New York office of Jayaram Law, Inc., where she focuses her practice on advising high-growth companies on intellectual property, corporate, fundraising, and structural matters. While taking a hiatus from practicing law in 2010 she helped launch and run a startup herself. She is passionate about promoting female founders, so she guides many through their challenging early development. Wendy is also a mother and loves gardening, creative solutions, and family time.