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The Fast-Track Fundraise Master Course

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Master Training Program that focuses on getting you funded.

The Fast-Track Fundraising Master Course is a 8-week intensive online program that allows you to cut the guesswork out of the fundraising game. Learn from SheWorx Founder Lisa Wang the exact strategies and skills to confidently and successfully raise $1M

An 8-Week In-Depth Online Program Designed to Achieve YOUR Fundraising Goals. Here's What's Inside

  • Week 1: The Fundraising Mindset: Understand the investor types of investors you can target, the odds of raising, and the expectations if you plan to get venture investment.

  • Week 2: Playing The Fundraising Game: Learn the strategies for going into investor meetings, poised, powerful, and leave with a check in hand

  • Week 3: Pitching Yourself & Your Company: Learn to turn your vision into a concise and powerful pitch. Clean up your pitch deck with clear battle-tested templates

  • Week 4: Prepping Numbers & Deal Terms: Own your numbers and speak confidently about your financial projections

  • Week 5: Preparing Your Final Checklist of Materials: Make sure you have everything you need to make a good impression in your investor meeting. Learn Strategies to effectively respond to sexist questions flip the power dynamic.

  • Week 6: Building Investors Targets & Activating Outreach: Create your targeted MVIP (Most Valuable Investor Partners) list, and gain effective cold email/warm intro/follow up templates to increase your response rate

  • Week 7: Following Up & Closing The Deal: Learn how to negotiate the best terms for your raise and create urgency & FOMO to get investors to take action and close.

  • Week 8: Review + Sharpen Your Fundraising Tools: Review key concepts that you will use in every investor meeting going forward.

Less Talk, More Action

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Expect Results

  • Mastery of the rules of the fundraising game

  • Strong and confident fundraising mindset

  • Powerful Investor pitch and presentation

  • Efficient fundraising strategy and timeline

  • Compelling financial forecast and business plan

  • Identification of aligned target investors

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    Are you committed to growing efficiently?

    The average time to close a $1M for founders is 6-12 months. We help you cut that time in half so you can get back to building your company. The Fast-Track Fundraising Master Course provides the curated support specifically geared towards women entrepreneurs, at a fraction of the cost.

    Time is the most valuable asset for any serious entrepreneur. Our program fees allow us to maintain quality programming and are reflective of the value gained and time saved. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." We invest time in founders who invest in themselves.

Thanks to the program, I was able to hire my team and grow our coverage across London to reach over 70k parents.
— Sara T., CEO, Happity

Disclaimer: SheWorx has partnered with the Lisa Wang Academy to offer you this opportunity. As an affiliate marketing arrangement, SheWorx will receive 10% of the proceeds from any SheWorx user who joins the Lisa Wang Academy.