Meet the Judges…

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Are you interested in getting your company fully funded with the support of our community? We want to support you!

While women receive less than 2.2% of VC funding, women actually outperform men by 30% in crowdfunding, largely due to its community-oriented nature. SheWorx has teamed up with Republic to focus on funding underrepresented founders and to give the women of SheWorx an opportunity to get full on support and guidance to launch their equity crowdfunding campaign!

To date, 40% of all investments on Republic having gone towards female founded startups.

As an entrepreneur who get’s accepted into Republic’s platform, you will get access to Republic’s crowdfunding investor base has funneled over $17M into 100+ startups while their institutional/accredited investor base has deployed $150M+ since 2018. With the SheWorx partnership, Republic is creating an even more robust system by increasing the accessibility of equity crowdfunding to an already existing female entrepreneurial community.

Are you ready to launch your equity crowdfunding campaign? Apply to the SheWorx Equity Crowdfunding Challenge to be entered into a competition where up to three lucky female founders will be selected to receive the hands-on training and resources to launch their investment campaign on Republic.

Competition is now closed. Stay tuned for more information on the Top 6 Finalists…


Disclaimer: Republic will have sole discretion in selection winning female founders. Winners will receive hands-on training and resources to assist them in their launch of an investment campaign on Republic. Winners must have companies that meet all relevant diligence standards imposed by Republic and all necessary legal requirements of Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933 ("the Act") to conduct a securities offering on Republic. If a winner fails to ever claim the time and resources provided by Republic there will be no alternative prize awarded. Winner will be announced after all submissions have been reviewed by the Republic team, with the caveat that every Winner must pass due diligence and file the appropriate documents with the SEC to conduct an offering on the Republic funding portal and that there is no guarantee they will run an offering.