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SheWorx NYC Breakfast with Beth Ferriera, Partner, FirstMark Capital

At this SheWorx breakfast, we sit down with Beth Ferrira, Partner at First Mark Capital, one of the most prominent early stage VCs in NYC. Prior to FirstMark, Beth was the founder and Managing Partner at WME Ventures where she launched a $50M fund. Prior, Beth was Chief Operating Officer at Fab. Prior, Beth was VP, Operations and Finance at Etsy and played a pivotal role transforming the company into a lifestyle brand and profitable global e-commerce platform. Before Etsy, Beth was on the investment team at Flatiron Partners and has also held positions at BCG and UBS. We’ll Discuss:

  • How do you create operational processes that scale?

  • What are the biggest mistakes founders make when growing from just founders to building a team?

  • What are best practices for pitching realistic yet ambitious revenue projections?

  • As an investor & operator, what kinds of companies are most interesting to you now?

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9:00 AM09:00

SheWorx NYC Breakfast with Katie Hunt, Co-Founder, The Fund


At this SheWorx breakfast, we sit down with Katie Hunt, Co-Founder and Investment Partner at The Fund, a first-of-its-kind early stage venture fund created and fueled by over 75 successful New York City founders & operators who care deeply about supporting the next generation of this city's entrepreneurs. We’ll discuss:

  • How do you create an authentic brand that the market will respond to?

  • What is MVB (minimum viable brand)? 

  • What are some actions a founder can take to build a competitive moat around their brand?

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